Only the best fresh mushrooms are accepted in our products. The best tasty wild mushrooms come from the clean forest in Finland. Before preserving the mushrooms we check the quality and clean each mushroom separately. The preserved wild mushrooms are ready and easy to use, because they are preserved in light salt brine (0,9 % salt). In cans the mushrooms keep the taste, texture and nutrion value for several years. The package sizes meet the requirements of retail stores, restaurants and industry.

The preserved wild mushrooms are perfect additives to bring the taste and color to your meals. These mushrooms offer you an endless source to cook delicate gourment meals.

The most popular wild mushroom in Europe is Chanterelles ( cantharellus cibarius , girolles, Pfifferlinge, kantareller) and it is a perfect additive to meat, fish or game dishes. Trumpet Chanterelles ( cantharellus tubaeformis , chantarelles, trattkantareller) are relatives to the yellow Chanterelles and can be used f.e. in soups. The delicious King Boletes ( boletus edulis , cèpes, Steinpiltze, karl johansvamp) can be used in tarts and pies. We also preserve False Morels ( gyromitra esculenta , Lorchel, stenmurklor), which is traditional Scandinavian mushroom. The Cubed mushrooms are a mixture of different kind of wild and cultivated mushrooms in 6 mm cubes: Oyster mushrooms, Milk caps and white mushrooms.


Chanterelles 200/120g 6 cans
Chanterelles 850/500g 6 cans
Chanterelles 2900/1500g 1 can 
Trumpet Chanterelles 315/160g 6 cans
Trumpet Chanterelles 850/500g 6 cans
Trumpet Chanterelles 2900/1500g 1 can
King Boletes 200/120g 6 cans
King Boletes 850/500g 6 cans
King Boletes 2900/1500g 1 can
False Morels 200/110g 6 cans
False Morels 850/500g 6 cans
False Morels 2900/1500g 1 can
Cubed mushrooms 315/160g 6 cans
Cubed mushrooms 850/500g 6 cans
Cubed mushrooms 2900/1750g 1 can
Cubed mushrooms 8200/5500g 1 can

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